Studio 20’s Networked Reporting Project

For the 2012-13 academic year, Studio 20’s major project focused on networked reporting, which we defined as… “When the many contribute to reporting that is completed by a few.” (For more on networked journalism, go here. It’s a pdf.)

We had six partners: ProPublica, The Wall Street Journal Social Media Desk,’s gaming beat,, Fast Company and Quartz News ( Each came to class and explained  the problems they have making more productive use of a networked approach. The Studio 20 teams listened, did their research, and came back to the partners with project ideas, which were refined over a period of months.

The goal of each team, as defined by the project editor, Prof. Jay Rosen: Make incremental progress on networked reporting by solving a problem the partner had in trying to do it. The 2-3 person teams designed their own projects by persuading the judges (the project editor, the partners, others in Studio 20…) that their plans made sense. Then they had to execute on that plan, revise it as reality collided with intention, and deliver useful improvements to the partners by May 15. Plus present a report on their findings to staff at the partner site. 


Finding viable sources online for an ongoing investigation. 

For Studio 20: Blake Hunsicker, Melodie Bouchaud, Andrew Han.

For ProPublica: Blair Hickman, Community Editor. Amanda Hickman, Senior Engagement Editor. Paul Kiel, Reporter. 


The Wall Street Journal Social Media desk

A tool for locating likely sources within an established Twitter network.

For Studio 20: Johannes Neukamm, Derick Dirmaier.

For The Wall Street Journal: Liz Heron, Director of Social Media & Engagement. Neal Mann, Social Media and Digital Innovation Editor.


Mashable’s Gaming beat 

Connecting Mashable journalists to enterprise sources on Reddit.

For Studio 20: Patrick Hogan, Mike Rothman.

For Mashable: Chelsea Stark, Gaming Reporter.



Visualizing the history of startup systems through the Silicon Valley mafias.

For Studio 20: Jesse Kipp, Simran Khosla, Nuha Abujaber.

For PandoDaily: David Holmes, Head of Social Media and Experimental Journalism. Adam Penenberg, Editor.


Fast Company

Building up and tapping into an “inchoate” network from which editorial content can spring. 

For Studio 20: Boryana Dzhambazova, Cecelia Bittner, Danielle Powell.

For Fast Company: Anjali Mullany, News Editor. Noah Robischon, Executive Editor. 


Quartz News.

Designs for a Networked Beat

For Studio 20: Anna Callaghan, Jay Rosen

For Quartz: Kevin Delaney, Editor; Gideon Litchfield, Global News Editor; Zach Seward, Senior Editor.

Go here to see Jay Rosen’s post: Designs for a Networked Beat.