Final projects for Studio 20 students: they’re all about incremental innovation. All have media partners.

A key part of the Studio 20 program unfolds in the students’ third and final semester. Working with a media partner, they each have to design and execute their own project in innovation. Sort of like a consulting gig, but no money changes hands. Our currency… is good problems.

Meaning: some new and improved thing the partner should be doing, or could be doing, but isn’t doing now, probably because it’s difficult to pull people off the production schedule to figure out the best approach. Here are the projects the current Studio 20 students have negotiated this year.

Laura Edwins is partnering with The Christian Science Monitor in Boston to build a user engagement strategy for their politics blog, DC Decoder. Her goal is to make it easier for readers to find other people who share their political interests and passions, and to give those communities the opportunity to share their views on DC Decoder, while interacting with Monitor reporters.

Silva Shih is working with Quartz, Atlantic Media’s business news startup, to explore data visualization on mobile platforms (especially on the iPhone). She aims to identify which subjects are ideal for data visualization on a mobile platform and then create templates for Quartz to use, incorporating a “responsive design” approach.

Nadja Popovich is partnering with the The Guardian US over elections 2012. Building on the Citizens’ Agenda project the class tackled last Spring, she is exploring how a data-centric approach to tracking presidential campaigns can illuminate new paths for campaign coverage.

Tracy Levy will be creating a multimedia strategy for the niche site Tablet (“a new read on Jewish life”). In her project, she will examine best practices for integrating multimedia elements into small, born-on-the-web media ventures looking for ways to expand their brand.

Kat Patke's project is 'User-to-User Community Building on News Sites.' She is partnering with The Huffington Post's TV vertical to explore different methods of creating community between users, and with it, increased loyalty to the site.

Khwezi Magwaza and Patrice Peck are working together to develop a strategy for launching a multimedia production start-up called PUSH. PUSH will be partnering with as a test client to develop an original man-on-the-street video series.

Yoo Eun Lee will be partnering with Global Voices Online to create a video template and tool kits for bloggers and citizen journalists. The new template will encourage contributors to package existing contents (text and image) into video news clips.

Tando Ntunja's project is “Design for A Digital Newsroom At A Non-Profit.” She is partnering up with a service design firm, Rebootto explore ways of involving beneficiaries of non-profit organisations in the “news conversation” by making them self-publishing multimedia storytellers.

Ana Maria Benedetti will be partnering with Univision to create a site dedicated to documenting the DREAMers fight for immigration reform. She will be working on funding, design and community outreach.