Studio 20 Students Push a Variety of Envelopes with Media Partners

Studio 20’s first class of students are in their third semester, and working on innovation projects with a variety of media partners. They work independently and present their progress in Jay Rosen's Studio 3 course. Here's what they're up to this term:

Tim Stenovec is working with Saul Hansell of to design and build a site for AOL that helps people sort through the claims of the food industry.

Anjali Khosla Mullany is establishing a noise beat for the New York Times Local East Village. Her project involves data visualization, video reporting, and designing a dynamic new beat page system for reporters and the community.

Jami Katz is creating a cultural calendar for that is being used as an internal tool between editors to streamline editorial work flow. She has been coordinating events and creative story ideas for UrbanDaddy’s New York, Los Angeles and National editions. She has also been developing new ideas for the company’s Twitter site and making recommendations.

Suemedha Sood has developed a column for BBC Travel called Travelwise. BBC Travel is a new travel website from the BBC in association with Lonely Planet.

Roque Planas is helping The Miami Herald revamp its blog “Cuban Colada" by adding a daily aggregator and developing ways to encourage user interaction and debate.

James Matthews is integrating SeeClickFix, an organization that allows citizens to report non-emergency local concerns, on The Local East Village website and developing best practices to use the information for in depth hyperlocal reporting.

Amir Shoucri developed a video component for the New York Observer’s website.  This included creating a signature “Observer” visual style, devising a workflow for posting video, and producing a variety of original video content. Here’s an example of a feature posted on the home page.

Tracy Wang is working with to develop multimedia elements and employ social media.

Lesley Messer is working with to better understand Facebook as an editorial tool, and to  develop a posting strategy for the future.

Matylda Czarnecka is working with PBS’ Channel Thirteen to prototype a website and show about the New York City startup ecosystem.